Our coffee is 100% organic. We never use artificial fertilizers or products when growing our coffee trees. We produce and use our own organic fertilizer to guarantee great flavor during every part of the coffee production process - for civets and humans alike.


Smooth Taste

Smooth, balanced flavor no other coffee can compare with. No need to add any unhealthy ingredients to our Kopi Luwak coffee because the natural taste of this coffee is one of a kind. A smooth, tasty, and balanced flavor. For the best taste, we recommend the following type of brewing:

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Zero contact with the Civets ensure that they are able to live in peace and quiet. A portion of all proceeds goes to maintaining the safety and health of the civets in our habitat, as well as relocating civets away from harmful farming areas and practices around the region.

100% Wild

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines' lush Luwak Habitat, our community co-op is home to over 2,000 wild civets. The Luwak civets are free to choose which coffee beans they consume while maintaining a fully varied and natural diet. This ensures that you always get flavor of the highest quality with our delicious civet coffee.